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Conservatory too hot or too cold?


Sun Room are now designing Conservatory Roof Insulation in England. The best solution if your conservatory is too hot or too cold.

Conservatories makes a lovely addition to the property, and permits you to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors, but their standard polycarbonate or glass roof means that they are either too hot or light in the summer and too cold in the winter for every-day use. To combat this problem, Sun-Room can offer you two different but effective solutions...

lesser VAT rate of 5%. A lower fee of VAT applies to the installation work itself as well as the materials – saving you a considerable amount of money. Reference: HMRC

Which solution is right for you, Sun-Room or Equinox?

Deciding which system is best suited to you will depend on the following factors...


The Sun-Room Ceiling is fitted to the underside of your existing ceiling. Therefore, the exterior appearance will change very little. On the inside your conservatory will be completely clad with uPVC panels with a tongue and groove effect. The Equinox System on the other hand replaces the original conservatory roof with a new tiled roof and a plastered interior. Both systems look great.

Time to Install

Quick to install, both systems are ready within days. Here at Sun-Room England, we can install a Sun-Room Ceiling in just a few hours and the Equinox Roof should be completely installed and plastered within 3 - 5 days. 


Due to the materials used, the manufacturing and installation process and the guarantee included, there is a considerable difference in fee between the two systems.  A Sun-Room Ceiling will work out at in the region of a fifth of the price when compared to a Equinox Roof.

Insulation Values

Both systems have very good insulating properties. A Sun-Room Ceiling uses insulation with a U-value of 0.175


A Sun-Room Ceiling helps you to keep current roof vents and if needed, some of your ceiling can be left uncovered to let in extra light. A Guardian Roof allows for the installation of roof vents, as well as the installation of spotlights where needed.

Sun-Room's Insulated Ceiling Solution solves the problem of conservatories being either too hot in summer, or too cold in winter. No longer does a conservatory have to be the least used room in the house. Read more


Allowing you to enjoy the outside even when indoors, a conservatory makes a fantastic addition to any home, but standard polycarbonate or glass roofs means that conservatories are too hot or bright in the summer and too cold in the winter for proper use. To get over this difficulty, Sun-Room from England have produced a light-weight insulated ceiling that can be fitted to the under surface of your present conservatory roof.

This is our original insulated conservatory ceiling brought to the field by us in 2010. Since we designed the first Sun-Room Ceiling, we have fitted more than 1000. This process involves insulating the underside of your current conservatory roof and then installing a hollow uPVC cladding with a tongue and groove effect...

Read more about The Sun-Room Insulated Conservatory Ceiling Solution


Pay just 5% VAT on our Sun-Room Ceiling

Because of the fact that our conservatory ceiling insulation is a government-approved energy reducing material, Sun-Room in England is able to charge the reduced VAT rate of 5%. A lower fee of VAT applies to the positioning work itself as well as the materials – saving you a large amount of money. Reference: HMRC


If you are unsure as to whether we fit Conservatory Roof Insulation in your area, then please check our locations page


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